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How do you grow your community? How we, at SMG can assist.

We, at SMG have a holistic view in growing our communities and this is the approach we will be taking to Illawarra and other regional communities.
The approach will cater to training, conferences and information seminars to generate awareness and ideas towards developing contemporary regional communities.

Our end goal is to enable regional communities in becoming self sustainable by taking advantage of strengths and opportunities that exist, through timely and relevant sharing and generating of information and ideas to reduce reliance on larger cities over time.

SMG does this through engagement and consultation with community leaders, members at large and connecting them with regional, national and global leaders and experts.

At SMG we believe in uncovering strengths and opportunities that are unique to each region and tailoring summits, seminars and training programs, which yields a greater success and satisfaction at all levels.

We would welcome any ideas, lessons learnt and information that may assist us in developing better regional communities

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