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To consistently provide our clients and partners with timely, relevant and unique event outcomes enabling them to seamlessly connect to ideas, people, marketplaces, opportunities and remain ahead of the curve. We will bridge hardworking Passion with sound Investments through a variety of media. We will enable our products and services to help actualise your Passions as building the future of tomorrow starts today!


‘One Reason People Resist Change Is Because They Focus On What They Have To Give Up Instead Of What They Have To Gain’ Ric Godwin

Change is challenging. Our team is committed to facilitating change and enabling evolving passions to connect with the right people at the right place at the right time. Whether it is a new venture, breaking into a new market, re-inventing the old with the new – our events will get you there in half the time.

We will consistently innovate our event formats providing our clients unparalleled event experiences enabling them to get and stay ahead of the curve. We will facilitate continuous learning, education, discovery and purposeful investments through our events globally whilst ‘Investing In The Future’ !

Our Culture & Values

Our values draw inspiration from the Latin motto “Arte, Marte, Vigore”, which translates as ‘By Skill, Valor And Energy’. This motto seamlessly encapsulates the way we conduct our business.

Purpose Passionate: We thrive on purpose and are passionate about achieving it. We value meritocracy and reward success.

Integrity: Our integrity is our candour and our candour makes every member of our team a volunteer.

Energy: Energy flows where thoughts go and our thoughts are passionate in bringing about positive and tangible change to the word and all life around us.

Make It Happen: We are constantly on the move and enjoy comfort in being uncomfortable. Magic happens outside of our comfort zones.

Value Add: We pride ourselves in living and breathing a ‘Value Add’ culture and our Attitude, Behaviour and Competencies are a direct reflection of this culture.