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Our Passions

Our Passions

One To One Meetings

We provide a level playing field and we always will. Irrespective of your level of investment at our events, our technology platform empowers every attendee to mutually agree and schedule one to one business meetings in an encrypted and secure manner.

Global Steering Committee

We work with the best and therefore are able to produce the best events which tackle the challenges of today enabling us to build a better tomorrow. Our Steering Committee comprises of leading global players who hail from the fields of Government, Corporations, Non-Profit, Start-Ups, Investors, Associations and Media.

Market Insights & Collaboration Services

For Investors: We match-make you with pre-qualified start-ups and start-up ideas which are backed by the people and cultures who can not only implement but also deliver. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and how we can fulfill them.

For Start – Ups

Transforming your Local Stage into a Global World of possibilities… Start-Ups are a challenge, and we, like you, are up for it and can help. We provide access to global customers through a demonstrated global network, pier to pier learning, expert advice, training and even ready investors where you need them.

Digital Publications

We are in the process of launching various Digital Publications which work hand in hand with our events. Get in touch with us today to see how you can get involved and benefit.

Technology Festival Series

International 4-5 day event focussed on technology exhibitions, live vendor briefs, interactive conference sessions, masterclasses, one-to-one meetings in the vendor lounge and numerous social, networking activities arranged each day. 2000+ attendees.

Large Scale Conferences

2-3 Day industry event with five thematic conference streams, 60 speakers, a pre-conference workshop, exhibition, site tours finishing with a Industry Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony. 300+ attendees.

b2b Conferences

Two days – single stream event with 16 speakers, real time case studies, limited vendors, 5 star venue. 50+ attendees.

Customised Training Roadshows

2 day instructor lead courses focussing on key practical skills.15+ attendees.


When you choose StageGate Media Group as your event partner – we introduce you to our unique event format further thrusting you forward to a world of unique possibilities. Our select speakers, industry gurus, association partners, global steering committees, investors, start-ups, and mutually agreed one on one, face to face meetings’ bring light and life to your event experience.

If you are tired of attending the same format of events over and over again, whilst hoping to achieve a different outcome – we want to talk to you. Powered by positive disruptive technology and a combined 30 years of global, evolving experience – Our services fuel Your passions!


StageGate Media Group provides our clients unparalleled opportunities to host Gala Dinners and AWARD CEREMONIES.Our Timely, Relevant & Unique Award ceremonies use the choicest of venues together with industry input from our independent steering committees, making it a memorable experience for all involved. We work with our clients and major industry bodies to organise and execute AWARD Ceremonies hosted at a pre or post event Gala Dinner for most of our events.Get in touch today to see how we can assist you.