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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Client :

Client {which term’ shall include Sponsors, Exhibitors, Attendees, Media et al, the applicant and any stand sharer} shall be bound by the conditions, rules and regulations set forth in this agreement and any changes must be made in writing and signed by an authorized official of StageGate Media A Neeras Company, who shall have full power to interpret and to make or amend these rules, provided that such amendments and additions do not operate to diminish the rights reserved for the exhibitor under this contract, and shall not operate to increase the liabilities of its Sponsors, agents or employees.

2. Payments :

No Client shall be permitted to enter, sponsor, exhibit or attend if full payment has not been received before the event. Client shall pay the full Contract price within five (5) days of acceptance of this Contract by StageGate Media A Neeras Company (or as defined above) whereupon payment is due and must be paid in accordance with the terms herein. Failure to pay shall constitute a cancellation of this Contract by the Client and will immediately trigger StageGate Media A Neeras Company right to recover the entire balance of the Contract (plus GST/VAT and any irrecoverable customs and excise duties or other taxes where applicable) pursuant to paragraph 3 below.

3. Cancellation :

Any cancellations by the Client will immediately trigger StageGate Media  A Neeras Company right to, recover as a debt all amounts outstanding under this Agreement (plus sales or similar taxes or duties), and to retain all monies received from the Client. The parties acknowledge that this paragraph provides for reasonable liquidated damages, and not a penalty, and bears a reasonable relation to the damages StageGate Media A Neeras Company will sustain, which are uncertain and difficult to estimate at this time. For purposes of this provision, the relevant date for determining the timing of any notice is the event date as stated on this Contract (or as scheduled as of the date the Contract is effective), even if the date of the event is subsequently changed at any time for any reason.

4. Cancellation of Event :

In the event that StageGate Media A Neeras Company permanently cancels the event for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to circumstances beyond its control, or a force majeure occurrence, and rovided that the event has not been postponed to a later date nor merged into another event, and provided that the Client has paid all amounts due under this Contract, the Client shall receive a credit note for that amount to be used at the next StageGate Media A Neeras Company event. No refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made.

5. Alteration of the Advertised Package :

While every reasonable effort will be made to adhere to the advertised event, StageGate Media  A Neeras Company reserves the right to change event dates, sites or location or omit event features, or merge the event with another event, as it deems necessary without penalty and in such situations, no refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made. StageGate Media A Neeras Company shall not be liable for any costs incurred by Client as a result of any venue, date or any other changes whatsoever. StageGate Media A Neeras Company shall not be liable for any loss which Client may sustain by reason of the venue or local or other competent authority intervening and preventing or restricting the use of any portion of the facility or any premises thereon, or any part thereof, in any manner.

6. Effect of Cancellation & Alteration of Advertised Package :

StageGate Media A Neeras Company will not be held liable for any costs or losses whatsoever incurred by the Client or repayment of any monies to the Client for the cancellation, alteration, merging with another event or postponement of any event. The parties intend by paragraph 3, 4 and 5 above and this paragraph 6 to acknowledge and agree in advance that StageGate Media A Neeras Company invests considerable and immediate costs on Client’s booking in the production, marketing and organisation of the event and, in particular but not limited to, the cost of printing & distributing event material, that it would sustain considerable losses as a consequence of or arising from such alteration or cancellation and that therefore these paragraphs are reasonable in relation to the losses StageGate Media A Neeras Company would sustain which are uncertain and difficult to estimate at the time this Contract is made.

7. Liability :

In making arrangements with third parties for carriage by air, hotel, accommodation, transportation, restaurants or otherwise, StageGate Media A Neeras Company acts only as the agent of the client and does so on the express condition that no liability of any kind shall attach to StageGate Media A Neeras Company in connection with or arising out of such arrangements.

8. Food & Beverage :

StageGate Media A Neeras Company has the sole right of provision of food and beverage in all areas and therefore no items of this nature may be brought into this event by any other parties.

9. Conduct :

The Client is expected to comply with any building regulations, adhere to any and all local government rules and regulations. The Client shall not obstruct the view of adjoining exhibits nor operate their space in a manner objectionable to other clients and attendees. An authorized official from StageGate Media A Neeras Company must approve all unscheduled, at-event special promotional activities such as raffles, donations, auctions et al. Client packages shall not be sublet, the whole or any part of the space contracted for, assignable to any other firm or person. The Event Exhibit Steering Committee, Sponsors, StageGate Media A Neeras Company, its agents or employees are not responsible for any loss due to cancellation, logistical delay {transport, handling and clearing}, abandonment, postponement or curtailment, in whole or in part, of the Exhibition/Conference for causes outside its control. Attendance hours shall be controlled solely by StageGate Media A Neeras Company through a communicable managed schedule and electronic authentication and registration procedures where tickets/badges will be non-transferrable. The Client will not be allowed to remove his exhibit from the exhibition floor prior to the official termination of the exhibition and the client shall have an authorized representative present at the exhibition throughout the exhibition period including during installation, dismantling and stand removal.

10. Site Services :

a. All electrical work and facilities on site must be provided by the StageGate Media A Neeras Company appointed Contractor. Extras must be paid prior to the event.

b. Client hereby agrees to abide by the rules of the event facility. Client further agrees to comply with any reasonable requests by StageGate Media A Neeras Company for information or otherwise.

11. Indemnity :

Each party agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the other party for any claim, action, cause of action or liabilities which may be asserted by third parties arising out of the performance of either party’s obligations pursuant to this agreement, except for the misconduct or gross negligence of the other party.

12. Miscellaneous :

a. These terms and conditions of this Agreement may not be modified without the express written consent of the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or General Counsel of both parties.

b. Time is of the essence in relation to payments under this Contract.

c. This Contract shall be binding upon all the parties upon execution and delivery to the other party of this Contract. Delivery by electronic mail / facsimile transmittal shall constitute delivery hereof.

d. Stand locations, unless specified above, are not guaranteed and while the Company will use all reasonable efforts to facilitate Client’s request, Stage Gate Media ~ A Neeras Company is entitled to place Client at any stand location at the event venue at its discretion and may change the stand location without penalty up to twenty four (24) hours prior to the commencement of the exhibition.

e. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of UAE and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in UAE. However Stage Gate Media ~ A Neeras Company only is entitled to waive this right and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in which the Client’s office is located.

f. In the event L’Art Pour L’Art – By Artem Holdings retains an attorney to enforce or protect its interest under this Contract, client shall be liable to pay all costs and expenses incurred, including reasonable attorneys fees and collection costs. On all amounts not paid when due, Client shall also pay interest, which shall accrue at the rate of 4% above the Correspondent Bank Base Rate.

g. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining terms shall be enforceable to the fullest extent of the law.

h. Should a portion of the Contract price be subject to state, federal, or local taxation, or VAT/GST if applicable, Stage Gate Media ~ A Neeras Company reserves the right to add such charges to the final invoice or recover such sums from the Client at the time when they become due.

i. All information supplied by Stage Gate Media ~ A Neeras Company in connection with this Contract and event, including the names of
participants, is confidential and for Client use only. The parties agree that such information may not be conveyed to any third party for any purpose. All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by StageGate Media A Neeras Company is expressly reserved and any unauthorized duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited.

j. Client information is kept on StageGate Media A Neeras Company database and used by Stage Gate Media ~ A Neeras Company to assist in providing selected products and services which maybe of interest to the Client and which will be communicated by letter, phone, fax,(inc. Automatic dialling) email or other electronic means. If you do not want Stage Gate Media ~ A Neeras Company to do this please tick this box [ ]. For training and security purposes telephone calls maybe recorded.

k. This Contract constitutes the sole and exclusive Contract between the parties and supersedes all prior oral or written, and contemporaneous oral, Contracts, promises, representations or understandings. The parties agree that no express or implied warranties, representations or inducements have been made by any party except as set forth herein.